Baritone Sax-oboe in Eb, Cabart,the only known example.



10:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time
Monday - Saturday

Shipping address:

Peter Hurd
4371 Gooding Ave.
Bellingham , WA 98226

Shipping preference:

I have found that the safest and least expensive shipping for high value musical instruments is United States Postal Service "Registered Mail", insured. Registered Mail requires some extra effort. The box employed must be in pristine condition, and all seams sealed with 3" wide gummed brown paper tape (available at STAPLES). The tape must be applied so that all the edges of tape stick to the box.


For instruments:

Cashier's check please for the full amount of the purchase price, and a separate check (personal check OK) for the actual amount of shipping costs via Registered Mail. If at the end trial period you should chose not to keep an instrument, I simply send the original cashier's check back to you for redemption at your bank ("not used for intended purpose")

For reeds, supplies, bocals:

Money order, personal check