Baritone Sax-oboe in Eb, Cabart,the only known example.

I accept consignments of most makes of oboes, oboes d'amore, English horns, bass oboes with full professional model Conservatory system keywork. I am especially keen to represent: Loree, "BW" series Chauvet, Laubin, Hiniker, Jardé, Kreul). I ask a flat $275 fee per instrument per consignment sale. Please contact by telephone or e-mail me to make arrangements in advance. I usually prefer to send instrument via USPS Registered Mail. I have found this to be the most secure and least expensive method for shipping high value instruments.

Some of our instruments.
From top to bottom: Heckelphone, Loree bass oboe, Cabart baritone sax-oboe in Eb,
Puchner English horn, Loree oboe d'amore, Hiniker oboe